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Kate del Castillo in a promo for La Reina del Sur. Kate del Castillo's Facebook page

CHICAGO — As the year comes to an end, Netflix released new data on its most-watched content between the months of January and June.

The release follows the footsteps of other media companies such as Spotify, which also recently unveiled the 2023 "Wrapped" highlighting the most listened to music on its platform.

The streaming giant plans on releasing data on its most-watched content at least twice a year.

Like Spotify, Spanish-speaking content featured prominently in Netflix's most-watched shows between January and June 2023.

These are Netflix's top 5 most-streamed show in Spanish for the first half of the year:

La Reina del Sur - 429,600,000 viewed hours

Season three of La Reina del Sur was Netflix's most-watched show in during the first half of the year. The telenovela amassed 429,600,000 hours viewed, topping all other content in the language despite being available in a select number of countries. The series first aired in 2011 and stars Kate del Castillo, whose character rises to power in the world of drug trafficking.

Pablo Escobar - 170,100,000 viewed hours

Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal was the second most-watched Spanish-language series on the streaming service, amounting to 170,100,000 viewed hours. The show, which presents a novelized version of the notorious drug lord's life, was produced by Caracol Televisión, a Colombian TV network, and first aired in 2012.

Chiquititas - 162,000,000 viewed hours

Chiquititas is a 2013 remake of an Argentine soap opera with the same name and came in third in Netflix's most-watched Spanish content. The show had a collective 162,000,000 hours watched by fans, managing the impressive number of streamed hours despite only being available regionally. The 2013 show follows a group of orphaned children living together in a manor.

Tríada - 139,300,000 viewed hours

Netflix's viewers watched Tríada for a collective 139,300,000 hours and propelled the show to become the fourth most-watched Spanish series. Tríada is a mystery thriller that follows Rebecca, played by Maite Perroni, as she uncovers her mysterious past and finds her long-lost identical sister. Maite Perroni is also a member of pop group RBD which reunited after 15 years.

La chica de nieve - 134,800,000 viewed hours

La chica de nieve was Netflix's fifth most-watched Spanish series as viewers streamed the show for 134,800,000 hours collectively. The series premiered in January 2023 and follows a group of journalists as they attempt to locate a missing child in Spain. Milena Smit and Jose Coronado star in the series, which is based on a novel by the same name written by Javier Castillo.

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