‘La Viuda Negra’: When And Where To Watch New Telenovela Based On Late ‘Queen Of Narco-Trafficking’ Griselda Blanco’s Life

La Viuda Negra
La Viuda Negra premieres tonight. Univision

"La Viuda Negra," the new telenovela that tells the real life story of notorious drug trafficker Griselda Blanco premieres tonight. For the first time in Hispanic Television history, the  show will premiere simultaneously on Univision, UniMás and Galavisión tonight, February 23 at 10PM ET/PT, 9PM central. The program will then assume its regular programming, Monday to Friday at 10 PM on UniMas. You can watch "La Viuda Negra" premiere on any of the three aforementioned TV channels.

Starring Mexican actress Ana Serradilla, "La Viuda Negra" tells the story of Griselda Blanco, also known as the "Godmother of Cocaine," who dominated drug trafficking in Miami in the seventies and early eighties. To promote the new series, ,“Aquí y Ahora” will be showing a special report on Griselda Blanco at 7PM ET/PT on Univision. This hour-long special will provide a look at the turbulent life of Griselda Blanco, including interviews with her ex-boyfriend and police officers who investigated the case. 

Born in Colomiba in a very humble family, Griselda grew up on the streets of Medellín. She joined a gang at a young age and fell in love with its leader, beginning her life in crime. However, following a painful betrayal, she murdered him, which was when the nickname of  “La Viuda Negra” or "Black Widow" was born. Griselda then began selling drugs at a local level, becoming a pioneer of drug trafficking in New York and, eventually, Miami. There she became the "Godmother of Cocaine," killing three more husbands in the process. 

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