Gloria Trevi was apparently dealing with a lot of stress during “La Voz Mexico” battle rounds last weekend.

On Sunday, the “Todos Me Miran” performer had a tough choice to make after watching José Talamantes and Gustavo Lara take on Alejandro Fernández’s hit, “Me Dediqué A Perderte.”

Throughout the performance, Trevi was covering her face and shaking her head in anticipation while co-coach Manuel Carrasco advised her to go in the right direction.

La Voz Mexico Coaches Los Tigres del Norte, J Balvin and Alejandro Sanz watched Gloria Trevi "faint" and they didn't do anything. Televisa/La Voz Mexico

When the aspiring winners concluded the sign-off, Trevi decided to express her mixed feelings in the best way possible.

“I think both of you had your moments and this will be a difficult decision for Gloria to make,” Carrasco said. “Because I really wouldn’t know what to tell you.”

“Both of you did an incredible job,” said La Trevi following Carrasco’s comment. “Both of you gave me goosebumps at moments and this election I’m going to make is not because one is better than the other, it’s strategy. The winner is…”

Cut to Trevi passed out on the floor, which caused some of the funniest reactions we have ever seen on national television.

“Medics, emergency!” yelled the show’s host Jacqueline Bracamontes as Alejandro Sanz, J Balvin and Los Tigres Del Norte stared at the controversial singer laying on the floor.

“Can someone help me get up?” said Trevi after she realized no one was doing anything after she “fainted.” Are there no gentlemen here?”

At that moment, Carrasco, J Balvin and Los Tigres Del Norte came to her rescue and helped her up.

Ultimately, Trevi picked Talamantes to be on her team during the live performances, and J Balvin saved former teen heartthrob, Lara.

“That’s a boxing ring,” the Colombian urban star said after watching the singers fight to keep their spot in the competition. “I think that each one of them goes out to fight for themselves. It’s as if Pacquiao helped Mayweather knocking him down.”

After the other coaches argued boxing and singing on a ring is not the same, he continued his thought, “If you guys were up there, you would be fighting for yourselves.”

Watch the priceless moment in the videos below.