Fans of Lady Gaga and Madonna know that the two singers and hitmakers have been in a rocky relationship for almost a decade. Last weekend, however, a silver lining finally graced the dark clouds.

After all the angry remarks they threw against each other for years and the passive-aggressiveness of their previous standoff, Lady Gaga and Madonna have finally patched things up with each other. In a post-Oscars photo that made its way online, the “Material Girl” and the “Born this Way” artists are shown snuggling each other up close, hinting that they’ve already ended their decade-long feud.

In the controversial photo, the two singers lay atop a creased white paper, Madonna cradling a smiling Lady Gaga in her arms. The photo also offers a glimpse of Lady Gaga’s new Oscar trophy, which she got for her original work on “A Star Is Born’s” “Shallow.”

On Monday afternoon, Madonna also posted a different version of her sweet photo with Lady Gaga, captioning it, “Don’t mess with Italian girls.”

After winning Best Original Song at the 91st Academy Awards and gracing the event with a chemistry-filled performance of “Shallow” with co-star and director Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga reportedly made her way to Madonna’s Oscars after-party.

Time Magazine was the first to release the photo of Madonna and Lady Gaga together. According to the Magazine’s Instagram post, the party had a strict social media ban outside of the snaps taken by their official photographer. Not much else was captured aside from their behind-the-scene video of the two kissing for the camera, so it’s uncertain as to when exactly the make-up moment between the two singers transpired.

The feud between Lady Gaga and Madonna started in 2009 and lasted for a decade. On the first year of their feud, they appeared on “Saturday Night Live” for a joint performance, but it jokingly devolved into a brawl, which Kenan Thompson had to stop.

Madonna also previously accused Lady Gaga of ripping off her 1989 hit “Express Yourself” for her single “Born This Way.” In a separate interview, Lady Gaga said she admired Madonna but insinuated she’s a more well-rounded performer, playing a lot of instruments and writing her own music.