Lady Gaga has reportedly been telling her friends how Bradley Cooper broke her heart. A new report revealed that Lady Gaga has been torn apart by broken romance, and it’s all because of her “A Star Is Born” costar.

Since starring together in “A Star Is Born,” Lady Gaga and Cooper have been rumored to be in a secret relationship. At that time, Lady Gaga had just called off her engagement to ex-fiance Christian Carino, while Cooper was still in a relationship with Russian model Irina Shayk.

On several occasions, both Lady Gaga and Cooper denied the rumors and said that they were just friends. But just as the issue was about to die down in June, Cooper suddenly confirmed his split from Shayk, sparking speculations that he might actually be hooking up with Lady Gaga.

Now a new report suggested that the rumors were true all along. In a report that surfaced this week, it was claimed that Lady Gaga was heartbroken over how her off-screen relationship with Cooper dissolved just like that. Cooper reportedly broke up with Lady Gaga amid allegations of lies and deception, and Lady Gaga hated that she couldn’t do anything about it.

According to the report, Gaga and Cooper were a real deal, but Cooper had just recently called it quits. “There’s no doubt about it — Lady Gaga fell head over heels for Bradley during filming and promotion of ‘A Star Is Born,’” an unnamed source allegedly told the publication.

The unnamed source also allegedly claimed that Lady Gaga had actually thought Cooper was “the one,” only to find out that he didn’t really feel the same way. After months of being in a secret relationship, Cooper allegedly changed until he eventually totally backed off.

The source went on to claim that Lady Gaga couldn’t believe that Cooper was able to trick him by his lies. “She’s telling her friends he broke her heart,” the source said. “Gaga feels like Bradley led her on because he was giving off all the signs that they’d become an item once he was single,” the source added.

Cooper was also reportedly on the verge of buying Lady Gaga a ring, but he was overcome by cold feet and realized he was not yet ready to commit to anyone following his split from Shayk. “He suddenly realized he was jumping into a full-blown commitment to someone else and got scared,” said the source.

Lately, Lady Gaga has been spotted several times hanging out with sound engineer Dan Horton, his rumored new boyfriend. According to the source, however, Lady Gaga is only using him as a ploy to make Bradley Cooper jealous.

Neither Lady Gaga nor Cooper has confirmed this report, so fans should take it with a grain of salt.

  Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper pose backstage during the 91st Annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre on Feb. 24, 2019, in Hollywood, California. Getty Images/Matt Sayles