Las Vegas Mural.
Las Vegas Mural. Angela Pearson

In a historic win, the Las Vegas Golden Knights secured the Stanley Cup against the Florida Panthers last Tuesday.

In a 9-3 win, the Knights became the fastest franchise to win the Stanley Cup in the post-expansion era, claiming this win in their sixth season of existence.

With such a landmark victory, Las Vegas artists wanted to commemorate the win in the city by showing their talents.

Enter Juan Ochoa, a 23-year-old professional wall muralist and tattoo artist, who felt inspired by the Stanley Cup victory, and decided to work with a local property manager to find the perfect canvas in the Arts District.

Beginning on June 16th, Ochoa, with the help of six other artists, captured the moment Golden Knights captain Mark Stone, lifted the Stanley Cup in the air.

The mural is a stunning work of art that the community is loving. Locals are flocking to the area, which located on Main Street and Imperial Ave.

So, if you are ever in Las Vegas, go check it out!

Ochoa and the other artists showcase just how creative and hardworking Latinos can be when they are feeling inspired.

Creating this stunning piece of work in the time frame they did, these artists are another example of just how brilliant the Latino mind can be.

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