latino man abs, rosary
A Donald Trump supporter reportedly had his life threatened by three Latino men in Georgia who tore down his Trump campaign lawn sign. According to local media reports, they brandished a firearm at him. Above: a Honduran man wears a catholic rosary. REUTERS/Ulises Rodriguez

Three Latino men are in jail in Georgia after an altercation with a white Trump supporter at his home. One of the men allegedly pulled a Donald Trump campaign lawn sign out of the yard of homeowner David Grant. Another man reportedly brandished a pistol at Grant, the Trump supporter. Grant told a local TV affiliate station that his neighbor then retrieved his own pistol to “back him up.” He also said that the trio left the scene after saying words to him in Spanish that he did not understand. All three are charged under the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.

The incident is the latest in politically and racially motivated violence that has stained the fringes of the contentious 2016 presidential race. Just today, a Trump supporter was charged with assault after he allegedly suckerpunched a black protester at Trump rally in North Carolina . Last week, young white men attacked three Hispanics hanging out in a park playing soccer and speaking Spanish. Last month, a group of anti-racism protesters assaulted a group of Klu Klux Klan members.

If Trump detractors truly dislike his supporters, why are they stooping to that level? One can’t fight hate with hate, at least in the long run. Sure, supporters on both sides can reach into the past to fuel their mutual discontent. Limbaugh-listening types like to point to concepts like La Raza and Aztlan to daemonize Chicanos. Trump opponents can easily point to his father’s ancient history with the KKK. But instead of delving into ancient history or bringing the battle of the 2016 election to fisticuffs, people on both sides of the Trump polemic need to take a breath, count to ten and stop channeling national-level hatred.

Back to the arrests of the three Latino men in Georgia: Mauricio Rodriguez, Hector Ayala and Alexander Moreno, who are reportedly in their teens and early twenties. Reports are just coming out about the arrest, and only Grant has told his side of the story. Two of the men have received individual charges in addition to the gang/terrorism charge, including trespassing (associated with the alleged destruction of the Trump sign) and the individual deadly assault charge (associated with the alleged threats made with the pistol).

These charges might seem a bit “trumped up,” if you’ll pardon the pun, but we just don’t have all of the facts yet. We’ll update in another article when we hear more about the suspect’s side of the story, or if the prosecution offers more details in the case.

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