Meet the next big thing on YouTube: Rosita Applebum. Rosita Applebum

YouTube has become a huge platform for beauty bloggers to share their tips, favorite products and looks with their subscribers and fans. And amidst the hundreds (if not thousands) of YouTube beauty gurus, there is one who is quickly climbing the ranks and we think she's the next big thing: Rosita Applebum.

What sets her apart from other YouTubers is the genuinity with which she converses with people watching her videos — she's candid, honest and you cannot help but get drawn in by her bubbly personality. On top of all that, Applebum manages to teach viewers how to achieve their desired looks from contouring to basic foundation application.

Latin Times got the opportunity to interview the Latina —Applebum is half Peruvian, a quarter Puerto Rican and a quarter Chinese —about her experience, heritage and more! You can follow Rosita on YouTube, Twitter (@RositaApplebum) and Instagram (@RositaApplebum).

Latin Times: What got you interested in starting YouTube videos?

Rosita Applebum: Three years ago I found myself watching so many Youtube tutorials that it was literally getting in the way of my personal life and my sleeping hours. My mom would hear me listening to these Youtube gurus that I looked up to (and still look up to) for hours upon hours. While I was learning a lot about makeup application and fashion, I felt that there was a certain demographic missing. I wanted to watch someone that I could relate to more - so being the type of person that I am, I became that person that I wanted to watch. I was always interested in purchasing makeup, but I never really thought I had the skills and I barely wore makeup when I started my channel. One day as I was about to get ready for school, I figured I would film a video that I personally love to watch - a “get ready with me” style video. I propped the camera on top of my bureau, turned my cannon Powershot on and got ready. Once I saw the views pile up, I knew it was going to be a long road ahead!

LT: How has starting your own YouTube channel opened doors for you?

RA: My Youtube channel has connected me with such amazing people including makeup artists, other gurus, and amazing companies and sponsors. I have this huge gut feeling that there is a huge opportunity waiting behind a closed door right now and will present itself when the time is right. I am now able to sustain my income as well as help out my family and still buy the things that I like and want and always have the newest products to feature on my channel thanks to the the additional income Youtube provides. I have become my own business, and it feels great!

LT: Tell us a little about yourself (where you were born and raised, if you're in school, what you are studying, etc.)

RA: I was born and raised in Queens, New York and have actually only moved once, and both apartments were in the same area. I am a senior in College and I will be getting my Bachelors Degree in Media Studies in about two semesters. I have always gone to school full-time - and have been in an honors program all throughout my life (including college). I also work part-time aside from making videos. I work for an electronics company because deep-down inside I am a huge “techy" that loves to know about the latest gadgets and technology.

LT: What was it like growing up part-Latina?

RA: I grew up learning and speaking both English and Spanish at home - so growing up Latina being fluent in both languages has definitely been beneficial, resourceful and has really set me apart from my competition. So many of my subscribers can relate to me because of my hispanic roots. I love spanish food, I have an obsession with bachata (although I am not the best dancer) and overall I feel very in tune with my latin roots. My boyfriend jokes around sometimes claiming that I am more Dominican than him due to my obsession with bachata and Romeo Santos specifically. Although I am not actually Dominican, I have always been very close to my best friend who is Dominican, so I guess you can consider me a pinch Dominican! Being Latina gives me that extra push to succeed - because I want to break the mold, pass the limits - not only as a young female, but as a young and proud Latina!

LT: How did you keep in touch with your roots (both Latin and Chinese!)?

RA: Food! I am the definition of a foodie - I am obsessed with going out to eat - especially to Latin restaurants. Although I have not mastered the art of cooking or have even attempted, I am so in love with all types of food. My mother who is half Chinese and half Puerto Rican loves to stay in touch with her roots and cooks traditional Chinese dishes and although she never grew up cooking Latin foods, she has now incorporated many Peruvian dishes into our household due to my father being Peruvian. I also stay in touch with my roots through music. I admit to being one of the world’s worst dancers, but that doesn't stop me from moving in my seat or whipping out my fake microphone (which is actually a makeup brush) and singing along to any, and i mean any, Romeo Santos song. So I’d say - music and food.

LT: What's next for you? Where do you want to see your career go?

RA: Well, once I finish college I feel as if I will have a better grasp at “whats next”, but my plan is to move out of New York - either to California or Florida. I love hot weather and I feel as though limiting myself to living in New York because of “opportunities” could be narrowing my field. I want to be successful, no matter where I choose to live. I would ideally love to own my own makeup brand as well as host my own TV show based on being a Latina beauty enthusiast. I would love for my show to be a fusion between a talk-show and a show about confidence, inner beauty, makeup, fitness, fashion, and food! I will make my dreams a reality, no matter how outlandish they may seem at this very moment.

LT: What are your must-have beauty products?

RA: One thing I think every woman should not leave the house without if they are going to work or school or anywhere where they will be meeting with different types of people is - MASCARA! It instantly opens up the eyes and helps make you look well rested and more bright-eyed. My favorites at the moment are actually from your local drugstore - Revlon Bold Lacquer mascara, L’oreal Carbon Black and Maybelline Colossal Pump up mascara. Another must-have beauty product for me is the Kenra Blow-Dry Spray. I do have naturally frizzy hair - it is neither straight nor curly so this product really helps maintain a sleek straight look when I blow dry my hair. I also love the Josie Maran Argan Milk for smooth skin and the De La Cruz Sulfur treatment for any breakouts that I may get (this is actually found in any Latin section of your local drugstore). I can go on and on about favorite must-have beauty products, but I think a good mascara and a moisturizing nude “your-lips-but-better” lipstick go a long way! You never know who you might run into out there in the world, so I try and remember to always look presentable, but to never look like I’m trying to hard!

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