Cristian Zuárez, Laura Bozzo
The Peruvian host's former boyfriend is finally speaking out about cheating and revealed how the whole mess started. YouTube/Hoy

Cristian Zuárez had been completely silent after news broke he had split from Laura Bozzo after a 17-year relationship. He is now talking about the break up and revealed that it was his brother that started this whole mess. "I'm hurting by everything that is being said," he told "Cuentamelo Ya." "It doesn't make sense that they talk about an image that doesn't say anything. My mom took that photo and they were stole from her cell phone. I am going to send my brother to jail for what he did. It's very hurtful when you see that your own family is playing against you."

Zuárez also added: "He is ungrateful because he lived in my house for 10 years without paying anything. He says that he doesn't owe Laura Bozzo anything, but he owes her everything because thanks to Laura I was able to buy my mom a house, my daughter an apartment. I was able to do all that by working by Laura's side and I feel it's not fair. I would never say 'I was never unfaithful', I know who I am, period. It's just simply something that was made up in the press."

Laura Bozzo found out that Cristian was cheating on her when she was being interviewed on a television show via telephone. "I had no idea of this relationship of two years that Cristian had with this woman," she said on the show "Beto a Saber" via telephone. "I had no idea. I wish him the best." According to the "Beto a Saber" host, the woman is called Adriana Amiel and lives in the city of Miami. "Cristian has always been a good person, he was with me during hard times, but I had no idea about this and if this is true, it's fine," Bozzo said. "I never needed a man to get to where I am. My show comes out in August, I have a digital platform and a book that I'm finishing."

Laura Bozzo took to Twitter to say that she will not be talking about the situation she is going through. "I want to inform that I will not be making any declarations in respect to Cristian and topics without foundation. I am very happy," she wrote. Bozzo also added a cryptic message that gives way to the rumor mill. "God takes away, but when he gives back he multiplies it," she wrote. "Thank you to life that has given me so much."

The talk show host has refused to slam Cristian Zuárez in the press and only has kind words for him. "I hope he's happy if he's really in love with that woman," she told the Televisa morning show. "I have the best communication with him, I would never talk bad about him. I know that he would never talk bad about me because that's not his style. In any case, they say that he was cheating on my, so he is the one that needs to talk, not me. Why do I have to do with it? Why the machismo? Woman always have to talk, no, let him speak."

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