Laura Zapata’s comments about homosexuality and same-sex adoption are causing controversy among the LGBT community and equal rights supporters.

During an interview with Telemundo’s “Suelta La Sopa,” Thalía’s sister declared she respects people’s sexual preferences but believes homosexuals should keep public displays of affection in the privacy of their own home.

“I respect people and their sexual activities, which is something very private, no matter what you are,” she said. “I have long-time friends that are gays, but they are not wearing heels, or hitting me with their little purses, or inviting me to voyeuristic parties to see what they are doing.”

She added, “Even chimpanzees go to their safaris alone when they fall in love.”

If stereotyping and comparing gay men to animals was not ignorant enough, the 59-year-old actress proceeded to describe same-sex adoption as “not natural.”

“Adoption is a right, not for a couple who can’t conceive, it’s a child’s right to have a mom and a dad, which is natural thing,” she explained. "It is not natural to have two moms or two dads because that kid would be a victim of bullying, we need both energies [male and female], that’s the history of human nature.”

While celebrating International Day Against Homophobia in Mexico last month, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced his proposal to make gay marriage a constitutional right across the country.

During his speech, EPN promised to look into reforming Article 4 from the Mexican Constitution, in order to support the Supreme Court’s ruling of recognizing marriage as a human right without any kind of discrimination.

“Marriages are to be carried out without discrimination based on ethnicity or nationality, disabilities, social health conditions, religion, and gender or sexual preference,” he argued.

Watch Zapata’s interview with “Suelta La Sopa” on the video below and let’s us know your opinion on the subject. Does she have a good point or she completely out of line?