On Saturday, June 28, Mexico celebrated its 36th annual Pride Parade where over 80 thousand people and 42 floats filled the city with laughter, colors, and a lot of joy. It started in front of the Senate and continued to the Zócalo, the main plaza or square in the heart of the historic center of Mexico City. The LGBT community and their supporters walked together through the Paseo de la Reforma and Juárez Avenue until they reached the Zócalo. Every one marched donning colorful, original outfits, but some showed a little too much skin, which upset actress Laura Zapata.

The Mexican actress took to Twitter to express her disgust over the parade. Thalía’s sister tweeted directly to Miguel Angel Mancera, Mexico City’s Mayor, and lamented that his party had left the LGBT community celebrate like this. She even went as far as to say that if Mancera liked them so much, he should’ve taken the parade to his house, but not to “her” Zócalo. She posted a picture of three scantily clad men taking a photo of themselves and continued to post it over and over with more dismissive comments.

“This is what you have made of my dear Mexico. Vulgarity and perdition. Not a vote to the PRD. Gross,” Zapata tweeted. She continued saying, “This is why you have community centers, so equals meet their pairs. No one has to offend the other!” The actress also said, “They don’t even respect themselves,” and later, “You get offended because deep down inside you know I’m right. Where were the mothers of these poor kids?”

Although Zapata was referring to the picture of three guys in very revealing outfits, the gay community took it as an insult to all of them and as the discussion got heated up, Zapata’s tweets began changing the tone, and ended up looking as if she was against of the whole LGBT community. She never retracted any of her tweets, in fact, she stood by her comments, saying that those were her thoughts and she didn’t care what other people thought. Scroll down to see some of the most shocking messages Laura Zapata posted on social media.