Laura Zapata was heavily criticized for her stance on same-sex couples adopting babies and a very vocal critic was Laura Bozzo. Thalia's much older sister recently reacted to her comments. "I will not revive dead people. I will pick the nail where I get stuck on, they can talk about me all they want, they probably just want to make an appearance," she told "Despierta América" using a metaphors. "Dogs bark and I will not stop and throw rocks to all the dogs that bark at me because if I do I would not reach my objective."

Laura Bozzo lashed out on Zapata on "Suelta La Sopa" saying: "I know for a fact that there are gay couples that have kids that are a thousand times better than heterosexual couples. I am in favor of homosexual couples and of course they need to be evaluated to be parents, just like heterosexual couples. They need to open their minds, I am ashamed because they are not human. I love people because we are all the same, their sexual preference is not important, what's important is their soul and heart."

Laura Zapata went hard against the LGBT community and suggested that they adopt animals instead of babies. "I think that gay couples, that I respect deeply, can't have kids naturally as a man can't impregnate a man and a woman can't impregnate a woman," she told reporters recently. "We need to obey the rules of nature. I think that gay couples, if they want to adopt can adopt, puppies, kitties, birdies, fishies... I think that it's the right of a child to have a mother and a father."

Thalia's older sister was spotted at an airport and slammed those in the LGBT community that have criticized her for having an opinion that goes against their rights. "I am responsible of what I say, now what people understand, or what they interpret and I will not discuss this that is trash," she told reporters that "El Gordo y La Flaca" cameras captured. "I am a respectful of activities -sexual, intellectual, physical, moral- of people. I am not interested in knowing who they sleep with or what they do with their life."

Zapata cites that the personal attacks are to do with "those people" being unhappy with themselves. "You can tell how unhappy those people are that they want you to accept who knows what... What do I care? They can do whatever they want," she added. "You can say anything about me, but I know who I am, I don't care. I am happy, I don't care."

Laura Zapata continued to make blanket statements about the LGBT community, not signaling certain individuals that attacked her personally. "The people that ask for tolerance, manage themselves with complete intolerance," she continued. "I am a human being that thinks, that has a philosphy on life, and that has rights because there's freedom of expression to express whatever I want to. I am not signaling anybody, everyone can do with their life what they want, that's what diversity is. But the people that ask for respect, don't respect others and offend."