Laura Zapata is more known now for creating scandals than for her work in television and is back at it again. The supporting-cast telenovela star once again said that she opposes adoption of babies from same-sex couples, something she has said in the past. "I think that gay couples, that I respect deeply, can't have kids naturally as a man can't impregnate a man and a woman can't impregnate a woman," she told reporters recently. "We need to obey the rules of nature. I think that gay couples, if they want to adopt can adopt, puppies, kitties, birdies, fishies... I think that it's the right of a child to have a mother and a father." See the interview below and tell us what you think!

Back in 2016 she also echoed similar words to gossip show "Suelta La Sopa". “I respect people and their sexual activities, which is something very private, no matter what you are,” she said. “I have long-time friends that are gays, but they are not wearing heels, or hitting me with their little purses, or inviting me to voyeuristic parties to see what they are doing.” She added, “Even chimpanzees go to their safaris alone when they fall in love.”

“Adoption is a right, not for a couple who can’t conceive, it’s a child’s right to have a mom and a dad, which is natural thing,” she explained. "It is not natural to have two moms or two dads because that kid would be a victim of bullying, we need both energies [male and female], that’s the history of human nature.”

Back in 2014 she took to Twitter to condemn the gay pride parade in Mexico City. “This is what you have made of my dear Mexico. Vulgarity and perdition. Not a vote to the PRD. Gross,” Zapata tweeted. She continued saying, “This is why you have community centers, so equals meet their pairs. No one has to offend the other!” The actress also said, “They don’t even respect themselves,” and later, “You get offended because deep down inside you know I’m right. Where were the mothers of these poor kids?”

Following the Orlando shooting massacre at a gay club, the Mexican actress went tweeted homophobic comments, but later claimed she was hacked. “They shouldn’t condemn Orlando’s homicides, it is justifiable that a person would want to end homosexuals in the name of God,” read the post. She then later pointed the finger at Thalía and a fan of getting together to make her look bad. “The things you can find on the Internet,” Zapata captioned a screenshot of a conversation the Mexican singer supposedly had with a fan, in which she asks her fans to troll her sister on social media. “Look, attack her all you can, stir the pot among the people that don’t know anything about the subject,” reads the screenshot. “If you can, add one or two photoshopped images to make her look bad. You said you charged for trolling, right?”