Laura Zapata does not want to be linked to her sister Thalía anymore and she made that very clear during a recent interview with Peruvian TV show “Amor, Amor, Amor.”

“We are connecting to Mexico to talk to Laura Zapata, Mexican actress and Thalía’s sister,” said host Rodrigo González as he introduced the 59-year-old actress. “We welcome you, and thank you for the connection.”

thalia, laura zapata So much for sisterly love! Getty Images

Zapata, who did not seem happy with the introduction, replied, “Yes, hi! How are you? But listen, I would love it if you could introduce as me, not as Thalía’s sister.”

González immediately jumped in to clarify, “Mexican actress, I said first. That was the first thing I said, maybe you couldn’t hear it.”

“Yes, that’s what I am. Laura Zapata, sending much love to Peru,” she rectified.

González, who is better known in the entertainment business as “Peluchín,” proceeded to present a video featuring the sisters’ latest feud, a topic that Zapata was not willing to talk about and caused her to leave the interview.

“Our producer Renzo Madrid contacted her manager, they knew about this," “Peluchín” said at the end of the clip. “I don’t know if she has the same hearing problem Alejandra Guzmán has, or if there was a delay in the call, but she was introduced as Mexican actress and Thalía’s sister.”

The footage played during the segment showed highlights of Zapata’s recent homophobic declarations and the infamous tweet that Thalía’s fans allegedly planted on her personal Twitter account.

“They shouldn’t condemn Orlando’s homicides, it is justifiable that a person would want to end homosexuals in the name of God,” read the post.

“There’s someone who wants to make me look bad,” Zapata announced after the tweet magically appeared on her homepage.

Earlier this month, however, Zapata caused controversy among the LGBT community and equal rights supporters when she described same-sex adoption as “not natural.”

Watch Laura Zapata snapping at “Peluchín” in the video below.