thalia, laura zapata So much for sisterly love! Getty Images

Laura Zapata found herself in hot water after a homophobic tweet justifying Orlando’s shooting “magically” appeared on her personal Twitter account on Sunday afternoon.

“They shouldn’t condemn Orlando’s homicides, it is justifiable that a person would want to end homosexuals in the name of God,” read the post.

After noticing the tweet, Zapata immediately denied being the mastermind behind such a hateful text.

“There’s someone who wants to make me look bad,” she penned.

According to reports, the 59-year-old actress initiated an online investigation shortly after to find the person responsible for the social media post. Her findings led her to a group text allegedly involving her sister Thalía.

“The things you can find on the Internet,” Zapata captioned a screenshot of a conversation the Mexican singer supposedly had with a fan, in which she asks her fans to troll her sister on social media.

“Look, attack her all you can, stir the pot among the people that don’t know anything about the subject,” reads the screenshot. “If you can, add one or two photoshopped images to make her look bad. You said you charged for trolling, right?”

None of the tweets have been verified.

Last week, however, Zapata caused controversy among the LGBT community and equal rights supporters after describing same-sex adoption as “not natural.”

“Adoption is a right, not for a couple who can’t conceive, it’s a child’s right to have a mom and a dad, which is a natural thing,” she explained during an interview with Telemundo’s “Suelta La Sopa.” “It is not natural to have two moms or two dads because that kid would be a victim of bullying, we need both energies [male and female], that’s the history of human nature.”

On June 12, 49 men and women lost their lives after a gunman, identified as Omar Mateen, opened fire at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. Mateen's parents described him as homophobic to the local authorities.