Anguelique Boyer Cristian de la Fuente
Word on the street is that telenovela actors Anguelique Boyer and Cristián De La Fuente will star in "Lazos de Amor" remake. Getty Images

It wasn't long enough when we broke the news that Angelique Boyer will probably be the leading role in the remake of the late '90s telenovela "Lazos De Amor." Boyer, who throughout her trajectory has done an impeccable job as both a villain and good girl, is being considered to take the role that Lucero once took in the 1995 classic TV hit. Michelle Renaud is also another favorite for the lead.

In a gist, "Lazos De Amor" tells the story of triplets María Guadalupe Rivas Iturbe, María Fernanda Rivas Iturbe and María Paula Rivas Iturbe, who have an accident as babies. One of them is separated from the other two and grows up in poverty and without knowing she has two other sisters. The two other girls grow up with all the commodities in life and different personalities.

Though no official announcement has been made regarding who will be the leading lady, a new chisme has made the rounds. Word on the street is that Cristián de la Fuente might take the role of the leading galán, reports Univision. The Chilean actor is currently starring in the Univision telenovela "Quiero Amarte," and we wouldn't mind seeing him in the "Lazos De Amor" remake, which is in the works by producers Angelli Nesma and Salvador Mejía.

Can Angelique Boyer and Cristián de la Fuente be the next Lucero and Luis José Santander? What are your thoughts on this pair?

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