A leading Russian doctor has claimed that Sputnik V, the world’s first coronavirus vaccine recently announced by country’s president Vladimir Putin, is simple, safe and trustworthy.

Putin announced the approval for the Russian COVID19 vaccine on Tuesday, Aug. 11. The premature approval of the coronavirus vaccine has sparked global debate with many countries and healthcare experts showing their skepticism concerning the safety of the vaccine considering the human trials have not yet completed.

Russia’s decision to approve the coronavirus vaccine and claim that it is safe as well as effective is being regarded as a political win rather than a medical.

However, Dr. Sergei Tsarenko, who is the deputy head of the anaesthesiology and resuscitation department at Moscow City Hospital 52, claims that the Russian COVID19 vaccine is safe.

“So far, resistance to the disease can only be formed if a person catches it and recovers. But there is also a safer option - immunization. There is an effective and safe vaccine created by specialists from the Gamaleya Institute. In the microbiological community this institute is akin to 'Mercedes' in the automotive industry,” said Tsarenko, as reported by the local medical agency.

The report published by the media further claims that as per Tsarenko, the coronavirus vaccine approved by Russia is an effective way to prevent deaths from coronavirus disease.

He further explained how the Russian coronavirus vaccine has two components – a harmless adenovirus that delivers the second component, which is a piece of the genome of the novel coronavirus. He said that the human immune system is capable of targeting both the genome as well as the carrier adenovirus, however, the effect is short term. Therefore, multiple shots may be required for effective prevention against novel coronavirus.

Tsarenko also questioned the negativity surrounding the coronavirus vaccine that has been triggered by the announcement of its approval. He said that such negative campaigns are affecting the researchers and doctors involved in coronavirus research as well as people who are relying on and hoping for an effective vaccine.

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