We might have just witnessed the GOAT of Twitter exchanges. Lebron James and Tom Brady took to their social media accounts and traded pleasantries hours after James was quoted saying, "Me and Tom Brady are the same. We're gonna play until we can't walk no more.”

The basketball superstar, now in his 17th year in the NBA, referenced the NFL great when asked if he already thinks on how his retirement would look like, this following reports that James’ close friend Carmelo Anthony is returning to continue his professional hoop career.

The 42-year old Brady got back at James with a banter saying, “I’m playing until I can’t dunk anymore!”

It did not take long enough before James made his jesting counter, “Well I’m playing until I can’t throw TD passes anymore!”

It has been bedlam all over the online world since this exchange as fans got thrilled witnessing the two greats put on a little Twitter show.

These fans even went extra comical by saying that James and Brady are having a “bromance” and that they should “Get a room.”

The three-time NBA Champion Lebron James initially responded in the said interview that he is far from deciding to hang his jersey up. "Not really. Not the way I feel right now.” No one could question him. At 34, James remains to be one dominant force on the hardcourt. In fact, during the Los Angeles Lakers’ rousing start, James poured in 23.9 points a game, a league-best 11.1 assists a night while mostly playing the point guard spot, and eight rebounds per outing. MVP candidate? You bet. As he would like to remind his skeptics, "I'm not at the end of my story," expect the “Washed King” to continue logging in high mileage for the years to come.

Brady, now in his 20th NFL season, could not be any more identical as to James’ retirement position. Just earlier this year, the Patriots quarterback said that he can’t “imagine doing anything else in life.”

Tom Brady Jersey Found In Mexico The Super Bowl 51 winning quarterback had his jersey stolen and it was found in México. GettyImages