Twitter has been known to lay a strict policy on posts on social media. However, it appears the social media platform has not intently enforced this rule. An Antifa-aligned group may have gotten away with a controversial tweet. This is about a post by the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation that appeared to praise an arson attempt on a law enforcement officer’s home.

The group included a link to the article that was singling out how authorities were handling the incident. The arson attempt is being tied to recent protests in Portland. The incident was already claimed as arson according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

Efforts to reach Twitter proved futile. Fox News tried to verify if the post had violated policies but no response was given.

The PNW Youth Liberation Front describes itself as a "[d]ecentralized network of autonomous youth collectives." Their goal is direct action towards total liberation.

"To all the people on the streets who call themselves 'peaceful protesters'. I don’t know where you’ve been for the past 4+ years, but being peaceful doesn’t stop the police, how do I know this?" the account tweeted this summer. "Because people have been doing this for years before you hopped on the protest trend."

It remains to be known if there is any link to this arson attempt to the Portland protests that happened some weeks ago. A riot was declared at that time in Northeast Portland with demonstrators smashing windows at multiple businesses during a planned protest, KGW reported.

No arrests were made at that time although authorities were looking into the acts of vandalism done by demonstrators. It was the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation that planned the protest for Halloween night to make their stand against capitalism.

Since then, it has yet to be established if there is a link with the arson attempt that was recently reported. Authorities are a bit concerned with the development, particularly on the angle that the said officer may have been monitored and followed home.

Further, it has yet to be determined if the PNW Youth Liberation Front had anything to do with the arson attempt on the officer’s home.

 Police block off a street from an Antifa group prior to clashes with a group of Proud Boys following the "Million MAGA March" Police block off a street from an Antifa group prior to clashes with a group of Proud Boys following the "Million MAGA March" Getty Images | Samuel Corum