Letícia Almeida shocked the Latin entertainment when she confirmed that Jonathan Couto is the father of her baby, Maria Magdalena. The “Meu Pedacinho de Chão” actress is on center stage again for accusing P9 boyband singer with yet another charge — he raped her.

The shocking announcement was made on the “Dois Irmãos” star’s Instagram account last year. In her post, she openly confirmed speculations about the biological father of her daughter, Madah. Apart from the revelation, she also brazenly named the father of Madah, who apparently is Couto. It was proven through a DNA test, which Almeida claimed was demanded by Saulo Poncio’s parents.

She immediately received negative feedback and backslash as she was in a relationship with Saulo Poncio when she made the post. Saulo Poncio has treated Madah as his own and registered her under his name. The revelation was deemed by some as scandalous since Couto is Sarah Poncio’s husband, who happens to be the sister of Saulo Poncio and her sister-in-law.

Now things are getting more complicated as Almeida continued to divulge more details. After coming under fire, Almeida defended herself. In the “SuperPop” show hosted by Luciana Gimenez, Almeida gave away another shocking claim: Couto raped her.

Almeida recalled that it happened during a tour, when Couto offered her a drink but she preferred wine to avoid getting drunk. She told Gimenez that she got too drunk and Couto took advantage of that. Almeida stressed that she did not remember anything else after that. She felt sick for two days after the incident, and Couto offered her a pill to make her feel better.

People questioned her decision of revealing what happened to her just now. Her defense is that she loved Saulo Poncio and knew that women are often blamed for incidents like this.

As for Sarah Poncio, she instantly forgave her husband and Almeida. She took to social media what she felt. “I want to tell everyone that we are all well,” she said. “That is of the utmost importance that I have to pass on to you, remembering that only love builds,” she continued.

On the other hand, Saulo Poncio released an open letter stating that he will continue to support Madah and her respect for Almeida has remained intact.