Back in November 2015, Lin-Manuel Miranda made his “Tonight Show” debut promoting his hit Broadway musical “Hamilton,” which ended up with a new segment of the show that surprisingly didn’t include Jimmy Fallon. “Wheel of Freestyle” consists in selecting three random words and having the guest create a freestyle rap incorporating them.

Since Fallon has admitted that he can’t freestyle, he enlisted the help of The Roots’ Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter and that first “Wheel of Freestyle” battle was so epic, even J.J. Abrams called it “maybe the best television I’ve seen in the last 10 years.”

Miranda returned to Fallon’s show on Tuesday night to promote his appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” which he’ll be hosting on Saturday, October 8 and it was only natural that he and Trotter would go for a round two. Lin-Manuel was the first one to go, and his words were “robot,” “corn maze,” and “Harry Potter.”

He didn’t even have to mention Harry Potter by name for everyone to know he was talking about the J.K. Rowling franchise. “Oh yeah, I’m going above and beyond / I’m Sirius Black, I’ve got my magic wand / Oh yeah, there is nothing you could do to harm us / Avada Kedavra and yo, expelliarmus!” he rapped.

It was then Trotter’s turn. His freestyle included the words “guacamole,” “lumberjack” and “Super Bowl,” and the way he combined them had Miranda praising him as “the greatest alive,” to which he later added, “Why am I even here?”

For the second and final round, Lin-Manuel was challenged with “Pop Tart,” “Unicorn” and “Election Day.” Although he definitely looked nervous about it, he managed to pull it through and ended up endorsing Hillary Clinton and use the word “erection” in the same rhyme. “So, um, I got an erection today / I can’t wait to choose my choice on Election Day! I’m with her,” he rapped. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!