The big news last week was a tweet Federico Díaz sent revealing he is gay. The Uruguayan actor and model shared a statement on the social network that read: “The day has come! Only God knows when and how. I only let myself be guided,” he wrote. “I feel that God has awarded me with homosexuality, the sensation of confusion that I had and the uncertainty throughout the years of knowing who I really am has been left behind.”

“Today I am starting to walk a new life, with no ties, no lies, no annoyances or pain, due to the fact that these feelings only depress and generate anguish in the heart. I came to this Earth to be HAPPY, to hug, to realize dreams, to take care of my loved ones and to leave a positive footprint in life. I am gay and I am sharing this with respect, love and gratitude to everyone that gives meaning to my life," he added. "Thank you for everything and together we will achieve more. I love you all very much."

Someone who took the news with a lot of respect was his ex-wife Lis Vega. The Cuban actress and Díaz tied the knot in 2008 but filed for divorce only four months later. There was some speculation that she had cheated on him on their wedding night, but those rumors were never confirmed or denied. However, the two have apparently kept an amicable relationship, as Vega took it to Facebook and Twitter to express her feelings about her ex’s big news.

“To accept each other, and love each other, is part of the respect you have for yourself and towards everything that surrounds us,” she wrote. “Let’s stop judging each other, God always forgives. But if you don’t forgive yourself, you’ll never find peace in your soul.”