Venezuela little girl
A little girl in Venezuela addressed a video to President Nicolás Maduro complaining about the situation in Venezuela. YouTube

As the shortages are getting worse in the Venezuela crisis, a little girl, who remains unidentified, recorded a video, addressed to President Nicolás Maduro, explaining that she is fed up with the situation in her country, and how she has no access to the most basic needs.

“I'm tired of the situation,” she said. “I don't have water. I don't have food. I don't have medicine,” the little girl continued before taking her hat off and letting her messy hair burst out, “…and lastly, I don’t have shampoo!” she exclaimed.

Things have become dire for the country thanks, in part, to the droughts and oil price drops, but mostly because of the socialist regimen’s attempt to fight the said “economic war.” In fact, President Maduro has asked the people of Venezuela during his numerous TV addresses to be patient while he fights this war, and explained that this is a situation he is not to be blamed for.

Shortage of medicines in hospitals has reached a tragic point, where patients are dying because of it. “We don’t even have stitching material, gauze pads or medical solution and most of the equipment for anesthesia is broken,” a physician who asked to remain anonymous told Fox News Latino. “If the patient brings everything, we try to operate.”

This crisis is not just affecting small hospitals; it is immobilizing the most prestigious medical centers even in the country’s capital. Carmen Arangel, 44, took her mother to Caracas to seek treatment but had no such luck. “My mom has three obstructed arteries and needs an open-heart surgery. We have been waiting four months because the hospital doesn’t have the necessary equipment for the procedure,” she explained.

The supply shortage is affecting everyone in Venezuela and even Maduro supporters are getting extremely frustrated as they are unable to cover their basic needs. Suddenly toothpaste, soap, toilet paper and feminine products have become luxuries if people are able to afford them within the black market.

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