Mexican model Lizeth Portillo Rodríguez, 24, was executed inside a butcher's shop, belonging to the victim's father. Portillo Rodríguez was known in the community for being the female image of the video of the song "A Leguas se Nota," by the musical group Herencia Mtz.

According to reports from the local press, a man entered the commercial establishment and fired at the model, then fled with some accomplices in a white Volkswagen Bora.

It was also reported that the Municipal Police cordoned off the premises located in the colony Zootecnia, in Chihuahua, in order to collect all the information needed to find those responsible. In the premises were found 14 firearm caps .45 mm caliber.

Chihuaha State General Attorney spokesperson, Eduardo Esparza, said that they are determining how to start the line of investigation, and made clear is that it is ruled out that the motive of the murder was for robbery.

The tragedy continues to be developing news and members of Herencia Mtz haven't made any comments yet.

According to Forbes, the state of Chihuahua recorded 791 gun murders in 2016, a 40% jump over the state's homicide total in 2015. During an outbreak of cartel violence from 2008 to 2012, the border city of Ciudad Juarez became known as Mexico's "Murder City."

Statistics obtained by InSight Crime from Chihuahua's Attorney General's Office, the state logged a total of 321 murders during the first two months of 2017. Throughout Mexico, there were 2,020 homicide cases in March.  Mexican authorities blamed the rise in killings on cartels.