Lizzie Velásquez
Lizzie Velásquez is an inspiring anti-bullying activist and YouTube star who was once labeled “the world’s ugliest woman.”

Lizzie Velásquez is not only a brave heart, but also a true inspiration to so many. Born Elizabeth Ann Velásquez, she suffers from a rare congenital disease, which, among other symptoms, impedes her from gaining weight.

Now, Velásquez has become a media personality and an anti-bullying advocate. Velásquez brings a little angel made of rock everywhere she goes, which she considers her guardian and sometimes even prays to. But she accidentally left in on a plane after one of her trips, but the story has a happy ending.

Turns out one of Lizzie’s thousands of fans reached out with a special package. “There was a girl who followed my story and sent me a package; when I opened it, it was the exact same rock angel I had lost,” said Velásquez. “Her letter, which had the same exact shape, said that she knew how much I loved my angel so she decided to send it to someone who needed it.”

But Velásquez’s journey has not been easy at all. When she ventured off to school as a little girl, she was brutally bullied and excluded, but it was in the context of cyberbullying that her story began.

The 27-year-old Texas native was only a student in high school when she stumbled upon a YouTube video of herself with millions of views that was titled “World’s Ugliest Woman.” As the true hero she is, Velásquez decided that instead of turning the cyberbullying to hate, she would start making inspirational YouTube videos with various topics including makeup tips, daily updates, etc. Her channel has garnered well over half a million subscribers and millions of views.

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