Univision's primetime telenovela, "Lo Imperdonable," is not doing so hot in the ratings. Despite the melodrama starring hot actors like Ana Brenda Contreras and Iván Sánchez, it has not been able to connect with viewers. Much of the blame for that disconnect is that the story, based on a Caridad Bravo Adams classic, has been remade way too many times. We all remember "La Mentira" with Kate del Castillo and Guy Ecker, but if it had not been remade multiple times since then we would have been ok with it. Guess what though? This telenovela was remade in 2010 and called "Cuando Me Enamoro" with Silvia Navarro and Juan Soler. Producer of the soap, Salvador Mejía, tried to mix in other Adams stories to the main premise, but this did not turn out well as viewers still found it slow and boring. So now, major changes are on the way to revamp the telenovela in hopes of increasing its numbers.

Mejía has been talking to the media and started the rumor mill to spark interest in his production. In a recent interview with TVyNovelas magazine he said that Ana Brenda's Verónica character might die, but this is completely false. We heard through the grapevine that the characters will think Verónica dies and will not appear in a couple of episodes to make it seem she is out of the telenovela. Verónica would later return with a loss of memory, which would technically restart her whole storyline. Think about it, many characters are tied to the Verónica character. What would happen to Magdalena (Claudia Ramirez)? Her whole plot is about looking for her daughter Verónica. She can't possibly die.

While Verónica is away, Iván's Martín will be a little lonely. Danna García has been confirmed to be joining the cast of the soap and form a love triangle with the main couple. The producer was also in talks with José Ron and Erick Elías to give Verónica another love triangle on the side, but both have declined due to other projects interfering with the taping of the Televisa production. We are loving this idea already! One character that WILL DIE is Matilde, the sweet nanny of Verónica played by Delia Casanova. This saddens us as she was Verónica's support and was always there for her. We don't like when ultra sweet and noble characters die. The producer also mentioned that many more characters will be chopped from the telenovela in an effort to spark audiences interest. Which "Lo Imperdonable" character do you think should die?