The Los Angeles Clippers find themselves down 0-2 but such has not left the team bewildered. The Clips remain confident that they can turn things around if they play the right basketball. It all starts at the defensive end and figuring a way to stop a player named Luka Doncic.

The Clippers fell for the second-straight game, dropping a 127-121 decision to the Dallas Mavericks. The unsung hero for that game was Tim Hardaway Jr., drilling a three-pointer that proved to be the killer blow at the Staples Center, ESPN reported.

Dropping two games at home, the Clippers need to steal two games to keep their NBA season alive. Doing that won’t be easy especially if Tyronn Lue fails to figure out how to put Luka Doncic in check.

"We gotta win four games, and you come in on an opposing team's floor and play, there's no pressure on you to make shots. You just try to come in and steal a game, steal two games. But now they gotta go home and keep up the same shooting. It's easy to go on the road and do that with no pressure. We'll see in Game 3," Lue stated.

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are also unfazed by the hole that the Clips put themselves in. Both know that there is still hope but are fully aware they need to play it smart. And it all starts on defense, not only against Doncic but the whole Mavericks team.

Leonard is aware that the Mavericks are shooting well the past two games. He emphasized the need to improve on their defense, pointing out how Dallas just had too many easy shots inside the lane.

"Just making sure that we're staying even keeled, you know what I mean?" Leonard said. "It's playoff basketball, you just gotta figure it out. You gotta figure it out."

If the Clippers fall short, it will once raise questions on the future of Leonard and George. But of the two, all eyes will be on the 29-year-old Leonard who is expected to test free agency. While there is growing belief he will re-sign with the Clips, their NBA playoff performance could play a factor.

George, on the other hand, signed a max contract extension that would guarantee him $226 million over the next five years. Hence, he could stay in Los Angeles but the same cannot be fully guaranteed for Kawhi Leonard for now.

Paul George #13 of the LA Clippers Paul George #13 of the LA Clippers Getty Images | Mike Ehrmann