Los Porkys
Gerardo Rodríguez Acosta's mom speaks up for her son, says his life is ruined. Facebook/CambioDigital

Rocío Acosta Fernández, mother of one of the kids involved in “Los Porkys” rape scandal, is accusing Mexican society and the media for “scarring her son for life.”

Her son, Gerardo Rodríguez Acosta, is being accused of sexually abusing Daphne Fernández on January 2015. Also involved in the crime are his friends, Enrique Capitaine, Diego Cruz Alonso, and Jorge Cotaita.

In a written statement published by local newspaper El Dictamen, Acosta addresses the accusations and asks, “What is behind all this media lynching that my son has had to endure?”

She continues to express her feelings on the matter and calls Daphne’s dad, Javier Fernández, a “coward, irresponsible human being and bad father.”

Fernández, who recently sat down with Jorge Ramos on the set of “Al Punto,” replied to the angered mother’s comments by saying it “is outrageous that she is calling me a coward when she knows her son is involved in this. The fact that there is not arrest warrant with his name on it, doesn’t make him innocent.”

On Sunday, Fernández revealed gruesome details about the night his daughter was raped on the Univision news show.

“She was leaving the club and then she was taken against her will,” Fernández told Ramos. “She was forced to get in a car with these four individuals. You already know their names […]. And they take her against her will, they drive away, and on their way to their destination they begin to sexually assault her. They later take her to a house, where they consummate the act.”

However, Acosta washes her son’s hands throughout her text and argues that “competent authorities have determined her son didn’t have anything to do with the happenings in January 2015, if they even happened, however, to every single one of you he was, is and will never stop being guilty. Guilty of a crime he didn’t commit, but that because of your irresponsibility and barbarity, he will have to live with…”

Recent reports disclosed that Enrique Capitaine, Jorge Cotaita and Diego Cruz Alonso were sent to the U.S. and Spain, in order to be able to stay away from the scandal.

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