A groom in Louisiana allegedly shot a friend on his wedding day as they rode back home, believing the man had an affair with his new wife.

The St. John's Parish Sheriff's Office told L'Observateur that Devin Jose Jones, 30, of Alexandria, and his wife were driving home after their wedding on Saturday, July 31 night, when they got stuck in traffic on Louisiana's I-10. Jones began accusing his new wife of having an affair with his friend, who was sat in the car with them while they were stuck in heavy traffic at around 10:45 p.m.

After some time, Jones exited the vehicle and chased the friend between automobiles on the highway. Authorities said the suspect drew his weapon. He shot and wounded his friend in the leg after a chasing incident.

Jones's wife, meanwhile, barricaded herself inside an ambulance after telling workers her husband was attempting to kill her. Jones then tried to enter the ambulance. But was apprehended and arrested by police. Officials said per Meaww that Jones allegedly fired a round into a nearby vehicle, wounding the hand of another motorist on his way home to Lafayette. The victims were taken to University Medical Center in New Orleans and are doing well.

According to jail records, Jones has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated second-degree battery, and two charges of aggravated criminal damage to property. Tregre said the inquiry is still ongoing and that alcohol is said to have played a role in the tragedy.

Frustrated motorists posted images of the massive traffic jam on social media, an online tabloid reported.

"There is a bad accident that shut the bridge down and while the accident was being handled, someone got out of their vehicle and started approaching other vehicles and shooting innocent people sitting in their cars stuck in traffic!" Brian Chappell Jr, a bystander wrote on Facebook. "We are currently still sitting in dead stop traffic while police are trying to locate the active shooter," he wrote on Facebook when the incident took place.

Cheri Faucheux also wrote on Facebook that a man and woman with him looked to be dressed in a tuxedo and a bridal gown.

“So supposedly there was a wreck on the spillway tonight and a just married couple still in wedding dress and tux were in the traffic and started fighting,” Faucheux said. “So the groom gets out of the car and starts shooting other people in their cars in the traffic.”

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