If you've been keeping up with the latest season of Love & Hip Hop NY then you know that VH1 is serving up the drama! Fan favorite Cardi B is set to go on tour and when she gets in the studio with her producer Swift, she gets the shock of her life. The Bronx native quickly goes off and things are not going to be pretty.

In the sneak peek of an all new Love & Hip Hop NY, Cardi B is working in the studio as she realizes that Asia, her producer's Swift's girlfriend has been talking crazy about her. While composing rhymes on Swift's phone, the rapper discovers text messages from Asia going off about his relationship with Cardi B. Anyone who knows the Bronx native's temper knows that Asia bit off more than she can chew.


When Swift comes back into the room Cardi B quickly questions him as to why Asia is talking badly about her. While Cardi doesn't care that Swift has a girlfriend because she feels its not her business, she feels that Asia has no right talking about her and she hasn't even met her. Although the two shared an innocent kiss, Cardi  has no intentions of pursuing anything with Swift.

Swift tries to explain to Cardi how Asia feels and goes into their history but the rapper is not trying to hear any of it. She lets him know that whenever she stumbles into Asia shw will be prepared to beat her up. Although Swift is trying to save his girl, the damage is already done.

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