If you watched last night's episode of "Love & Hip Hop New York" then you know that the drama and madness was at an all-time high. Fan favorite Cardi B promised her producer Swift that when she sees his girlfriend Asia, she will beat her up! Whikle Swift may have though Cardi was all talk, last night's explosive episode showed that Cardi B always follows through on her promises.

Cardi B Love & Hip Hop's Cardi B was locked, loaded and ready to come through on her promise to beat up Asia, her producer Swift's girlfriend. Getty

We recently reported that in the sneak peek of last night's episode, Cardi B came across text messages from Asia which set her off. While the rapper admitted to sharing a kiss with Swift she let everyone know that she os not looking for anything serious with her producer. Now with Asia talking badly about her without even knowing her, Cardi is prepared to beat the brakes off the poor girl.

In a clip from last night's episode, Cardi and Asia got into a heated exchange with Swift present and things did not go down as planned. Words were exchanged between the two ladies with Cardi letting Asia know "I'm going to take your man" and Asia responding "You can have him."

In true Love & Hip Hop nature, security had to step in to intervene as a visibly enraged Cardi B attempted to enter the room to beat Asia up. While the rapper was unable to make good on her promise, Cardi attempted to beat the girl up but not before sliding off her wig making this moment one of the most memorable arguments in the show's history.

Despite the whole encounter, Swift didn't stand up for his girlfriend or Cardi looking to remain neutral. Fans of the show ripped into his charcater calling him out for not defending his lady.

In a case of karma, Swift got exactly what was coming to him. Cardi tells Swift that she will no longer be working with him and their business relationship is over! While we want to feel sorry for the man losing his business venture, we can't feel too bad after he sat there and allowed the situation to escalate without putting a stop to it.

Anyway you want to look at the situation, Cardi B's snatching off her own wig made for great television.