For any manga or series, it would take much to reach a thousand episodes. “One Piece” did just that with the latest chapter getting released last Sunday. And there is perhaps no better way to celebrate the 1000th episode than to see the long-awaited battle between Luffy and Kaido.

With the Wano arc gone for almost 100 chapters and Luffy made the most out of that by powering up along with his crew. But of course, there are also back stories to tell. The latest episode touched on the lives of Ace and Gol D. Roger as well.

Before the staredown, the chapter begins with Yamato talking with Momonosuke about his father Oden. She also told her encounter with Ace, including a story about Luffy wanting to be the “King of Pirates” since he was a kid.

One of the last things Yamato explained to Momonosuke is something Oden had said if he perished. This was the next generation of pirates taking down Kaido and saving Wano.

That was the setting as Luffy made his way to the rook of Kaido’s castle. Along with Law, Zoro Kid and Killer, a staredown ensued between Kaido and Big Mom.

Luffy promised to Kin’emon to put Wano on his back before Law can transport them away to clear the field of battle. After Kaido and Big Mom scoff at the pirates, Luffy starts to charge to attack Kaido.

Similar to their first encounter, Kaido stands and awaits what Luffy has to offer. Unfortunately, the outcome was different this time around.

Luffy unleashes a brand new attack called “Gear Three: Gum Gum Red Rock” that visibly hurts Kaido. It was a fiery punch that is a result of Luffy’s training with Haki on Wano. His power has increased, along with his durability, enough for him to do damage by penetrating the scales of Kaido.

The whole thing shocks Kaido and Big Mom who had earlier scoffed at Luffy’s desire to become “King of Pirates.” However, there are possibly more new attacks possibly coming in the next episodes.

With that said, fans are expecting to see a new technique from Luffy since Kaido is not your ordinary villain. Fans at Reddit speculate that Luffy will unleash his Gear 5: Tigerman technique since in Chinese Mythology, tigers are the natural enemy of dragons.

After his stunning display, Luffy declares that he will surpass both of them and “be the king of the pirates.”

“One Piece” Chapter 1001 is scheduled to be released on Jan. 17, 2020, at 12:00 noon E.T.

One Piece
Luffy can defeat Kaido in "One Piece," according to a fan theory. One Piece/Facebook

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