Luis Jiménez Returns To The Radio ‘Sin Censura’ And Trashes Univision Radio In Press Conference [VIDEO]

Radio Personality 'Luis Jimenez'
Luis Jiménez Returns To The Radio ‘Sin Censura’ Press Conference Coverage And Trashes Univision Radio. Andres Catana

Popular radio morning host Luis Jimenez is back on the radio this time with Spanish Broadcasting System station Amor 93.1 FM from 6-10am with his show named "Sin Censura." In the official press conference at SBS, the radio personality spoke about him coming back to the radio including under what terms, and answered the questions the media had. His show has sparked controversies over the years for its sometimes raunchy humor. Jimenez had made city radio history when he was in Univision Radio in 2004 when “El Vacilón” became the first show on Hispanic radio to reach No. 1. This is why when the press asked about Univision Radio and his departure along with his thoughts about the company, without any hesitation he trashed the company and their practices.

He shared that in this point in his life he sees when people copy him as flattering. Luis said in Univision Radio they kept using some of the show ideas he created when he was with them but its ok and that only shows lack of creativity. He is coming back to the radio world with his same team which is great because his fans will continue to enjoy all the characters previously created. Fans have been wondering on social media when Jimenez would come back to the radio and now we can tell you he is officially back. Latin Times captured all the highlights of this press conference and hear for yourself everything Jimenez said about his new project with SBS and how he feels about Univision Radio.

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