The last few months have not been great for Mexican singer Luis Miguel. “El Sol de México” has disappointed fans numerous times after several concert cancellations. To make matters worse, the crooner’s former manager, Texas native William Brockhaus, sued him for the exorbitant sum of $5 million, after he failed to pay the amounts agreed from 2012 to 2014.

The lawsuit was initially filed in February 2015 for a total of $2.1 million, and was transferred to a New York court two months later since that is where the employment contract originated.

According to the show “Suelta la sopa,”a judge ruled in favor of Brockhaus, which leaves the singer 30 days to file an appeal, as lawyer Peter L. Cedeño explained. However, Cedeño is quite convinced that despite an appeal, it is highly unlikely that Miguel would get a favorable ruling.

The two initially met in 1997 at the Camino Real Hotel in El Paso, Texas after the singer’s concert and hit it off since then, only to become close friends. “[Luis Miguel] would regularly travel together including meeting annually for most New Year's Eve and birthday celebrations,” the lawsuit explained.

In 2012, the two reached an agreement to begin working together and Brockhaus quit his job of 22 years to dedicate entirely to Miguel’s career. The deal also entailed that 10 percent of the singer’s earnings per performance would go to Brockhaus, which did not happen.

"The negotiations, booking, promotions and advertising on behalf of and for [Miguel] were performed in whole or in part in El Paso, Texas with the express knowledge and consent of [Miguel],” the suit stated. The paperwork also indicates the “Suave” singer made over $1.6 million from Texas concerts in cities such as Dallas, Austin, El Paso and San Antonio.