For the past few months, Luis Miguel’s concert cancellations have been sparking rumors that are not making any of his fans happy. Is he going deaf? Did he lose his voice? Does he have a substance abuse problem? After each missed performance, “El Sol de México’s” management team has released a press communicate apologizing for the inconvenience and the singer’s sudden decision to cancel the show.

However, Aracely Arámbula revealed during a recent interview that she had been informed about LuisMi’s choice to quit his tour’s presentations at El Auditorio Nacional beforehand.  “Yeah, well, we knew about this before they cancelled [but] I rather not talk about this because it’s not for me to tell,” Arámbula said to TV Azteca’s “Ventaneando.”

According to El Universal, El Auditorio Nacional announced that it was closing its doors to the 45-year-old crooner until he provided reliable proof of his medical condition and confirmed his capability to endure a 2-hour musical show.

“We ended up being just as disappointed as the audience, we don’t think it’s right that the auditorium has to assume this responsibility, if anything, it’s a responsibility that relies completely on the artist,” El Auditorio Nacional’s executive director, Gerardo Estrada, told Televisa.

Luis Miguel’s first cancellation happened back in November, when he arrived 45 minutes late to his “Dejá Vu Tour” concert at the venue in Mexico City and to top it all off, left the stage after performing for only 20 minutes. He hasn’t been able to perform since.

His latest media scandal was reported in January, when he was spotted by the paparazzi coming out of a bar in Las Vegas, with a few drinks on him and holding hands with an unidentified woman.  

“El Sol” has admitted to be suffering from tinnitus, but has failed to make any public declarations on the real reason behind his tour cancellation. Could this be the end for Luis Miguel?