“El Sol De Mexico” didn’t have to wait many years to be affected by another eclipse. The famous singer Luis Miguel received an ultimatum by the Mexican Board of Conciliation and Arbitration and now all the banking institutions of that country must trace the accounts in his name and seize them.

According to the report published by People, the singer, who was arrested for a lawsuit filed by his former manager William Brockhaus, is facing a new lawsuit that his former Keyboard player, Arturo Pérez Figueroa, filed for unfair dismissal.

Perez Figueroa states in the lawsuit that after having worked for the artist for 15 years, he was unjustifiably dismissed. A judge in 2014 ruled that the former employee must be paid the sum of $339,485; that order was ignored by the singer and the musician was never paid.

Mexican media reported that the “Suave” singer now must pay more than what was imposed; after 9 years, the judge in charge added the payment of royalties, overtime, labor and benefits, totaling $1,697,429.

The seizure of all the bank accounts is a measure to ensure that "Luismi" finally pays all his debts.

Currently, Luis Miguel is working on his biopic, that will be aired in Telemundo in 2018. The bioseries will be carried out by Diego Boneta, with rumors that possibly Luis Miguel will act as himself in the adult stage.

The Mexican singer and an icon in Latin America, is supposedly dating Venezuelan journalist Desiree Ortiz Salswach. "God takes care of what is hidden, he is very well and I am also very well. We met a few months ago," she said to TV y Novelas in July.

Ortiz Salswach also said if it was love first sight: "It was more energetic, it's no secret that he is handsome and that he is a very successful person, but (our relationship) goes beyond that, everything is very well ... I think (the relationship) is very serious, but I should not be saying any of this."

The singer has always been very private with his relationships, so when the statements came to light, everyone was very surprised by the natural way in which she had confirmed everything.