Luis Miguel has reappeared in Las Vegas after he was detained in L.A. for evading a court appoinment last week to face his several lawsuits.

Luis’ former manager William Brockhaus sued the singer after their agreement was broken since the artist never paid 10% of his earnings per performance as agreed by both parties when they decided to work together in 2012.

Brockhaus decided to claim the money and sued him but he didn’t appear on court so he was detained for almost 24 hours. After this trial was over, he was seen in Sin City taking pictures with fans and smiling.

The first photo was posted by the Instagram account LuisMiguelDeluxe and he can be seen with a fan on what appears to be a hotel hall. The picture is captioned “Posing with my fan (May 6).”

On another picture, the singer poses with some fanatic girls in the same hall. 

The “Suave” singer has to pay 1 million dollars to his former manager and if he doesn’t appear in court on May 11, he will have to pay 1 million more for bail. "The negotiations, booking, promotions and advertising on behalf of and for [Miguel] were performed in whole or in part in El Paso, Texas with the express knowledge and consent of [Miguel],” the suit stated.

Luis Miguel is also facing a legal battle with Alejandro Fernández after the former broke the contract of a tour they had announced. “Despite the financial and labor-intensive efforts undertaken by Alejandro and his team to put this tour together, including separating dates for the shows planned, today we are sorry to say that the aforementioned tour is in no condition to take place,” reads a statement issued by Star Productions, which represents Fernández.