By now, we’ve all probably heard that during the Italy vs. Uruguay World Cup match June 24, Uruguayan Luis Suárez bit Italian Giorgio Chiellini. In one of the most dramatic games so far, Uruguay beat Italy 1-0, advancing into the Round of 16. Italy is now eliminated from the tournament but not before Uruguay left its mark. Although the biting incident came as a surprise for some, Suárez has a reputation of being a biter, and has already been suspended twice in the past for doing that.  

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Giorgio Chiellini, Luis Suárez Giorgio Chiellini and Luis Suárez right after the biting incident happened. Chiellini's holding his shoulder, where Suárez bit him, while the Uruguayan player holds his teeth. Reuters

FIFA’s disciplinary committee banned the Uruguayan striker from all soccer related activities for four months and from nine international matches. Organizers also fined Suárez for 100,000 Swiss francs (111,000 USD). "The player Luis Suarez is to be suspended for nine official matches. The first match of this suspension is to be served in the upcoming [round of 16] FIFA World Cup fixture between Colombia and Uruguay," FIFA said in a statement. "The remaining match suspensions shall be served in Uruguay's next FIFA World Cup matches, as long as the team qualifies, and/or in the representative team's subsequent official matches."

Luis Suárez Luis Suárez moments after he bit Giorgio Chiellini during the Italy-Uruguay World Cup match on June 24. Reuters

Suárez is also prohibited from entering the confines of any stadium during the period of the ban. As for Suárez, a parody video of the reason why he bit Chiellini has been making rounds online. The video is in Spanish, but Suárez’s voice was dubbed and said this: “The food they give us here is not so good, so I said, ‘Let me bite the Italian guy because he must taste interesting.’”

Giorgio Chiellini Giorio Chiellini clearly upset after Luis Suárez bit him during the Italy-Uruguay World Cup match on June 24. Reuters

“But do you like biting people?” a voice dubbing the reporter asked. “Yes, yes,” fake Suárez replied. “And did you bite Chiellini?” the fake reporter insisted. “I bit him, I bit him. The truth is our coach doesn’t let us eat anything before the games and I was starving.” Take a look at the video below!