Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck in 'Gone Girl'
Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck star in 'Gone Girl'. Twitter

MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK OR WATCHED THE MOVIE! If you're still reading that means you’ve read the book or seen the movie; and if you’re anything like every person who read the book, you were probably pretty frustrated with the ending. There are so many different ways it could’ve gone (get it?) Now, I can see an author not wanting to give your readers an expected ending, but....that? Really, that? Later on, the rumors of a changed ending for the movie got me thinking of a few ideas of how Gillian Flynn could have given us a more satisfactory conclusion:

1. Amy's Prison: It felt fitting when we’re made to think Amy’s lead herself to her very own prison; her obsessive ex boyfriend, Desi's lake house. Alternate ending: Amy gets sloppy drunk and semi-confesses what went down at home with her husband, Nick. At that point Desi owns her, if she leaves he’ll tell everyone and ruin her life so she has to stay and practically become his slave indefinitely.

2. The Motel Life: Considering that it was already a big moment when Amy was stripped of every last penny by her motel "friends" it could’ve gone in another direction if only they had known who she was! Alternate ending: The hotel owner realizes who she is while she is trying to escape without paying therefore forces Amy to stay and pay for her lodging with work or else they will call the police. One night the owner calls the police anyway and Amy is found unharmed, for which she has to explain everything to the police by pleading insanity.

3. Andy's The Hero: After all the scrutiny going on at North Carthage, Andy and her mom decide to hideout somewhere far away for a while. Alternate ending: On their little road trip they stop for gas and voila! They find Amazing Amy going into the bathroom to change her look. Andy waits outside and when Amy comes out with brown hair and fake glasses she immediately alerts the police. Amy’s brought back to Nick’s hometown where she still gets her husband to serve four years in prison for domestic abuse.

4. Margot Keeps Going: As Margot put it, her heart was broken into a million pieces when she saw her brother go back to that monster. Alternate ending: Margot knows there has to be a fault in Amy’s plan and takes the investigation into her own hands, only to find that her brother was in fact colluded with Amy so they could get the insurance money to pay their debts!

5. Bye Bye Amy: It gets to a point where we conclude Any’s done such a mess that it should all end the way she thought it through; she kills herself and they probably give a death sentence to her husband Nick. Alternate ending: Amy goes through with her plan; she gets on a cruise, commits suicide and some fishermen find her, bring her back to the police. If the author insists on the big horrible twist, she can add that by then it’s too late because Nick Dunne has been executed.

What ending do you wish Gillian Flynn would've gone with for the movie?

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