A new CNN poll shows that majority of the U.S. believes that Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office. This number is greater than the percentage of Americans who voted to impeach former President Bill Clinton and former President Barack Obama during their time in office.

Based on the new CNN poll, more than half of the country believes that Trump should not only by impeached by the House but should also be removed from office by the Senate. Contrary to the belief that this is great news for Trump, it is not.

Trump’s camp considers this good news because the unchanged percentage suggests that the last 10 days of public impeachment hearings against Trump have failed to convince citizens that the U.S. president needs to be impeached. However, the CNN noted that while the 50% rating has remained unchanged since mid-October, it does not take away the fact that the majority of the public has lost their faith in Trump and believes he needs to go.

During Obama’s time, 33% wanted him impeached. In 2006, the CNN poll also showed that 30% of the public wanted Bush removed from office. These numbers show that for at least the last two decades, only about 30% of America’s population has agreed to the impeachment of their president—never 50%, as in the case of Trump.

The most recent poll suggests that support for Donald Trump's impeachment has reached its peak in the last two decades, and that this time, 20% more of the public is convinced that Trump should be impeached. What makes the Trump number even more remarkable is the fact that unlike his predecessors, Trump is set to face voters in a bid for a second term in less than a year’s time.

At this point in the impeachment proceedings, it is safe to say that Trump’s days in the White House are already numbered.   Considering that the amount of support for his impeachment is almost double the amount of support for the impeachment of his predecessors—including Clinton, who was successfully impeached with only 29% support rating in 1998, the Democrats can safely assume they have already hit the home run.

Donald Trump The White House resident is congratulating himself for his response to the devastation in Puerto Rico. GettyImages