New seasons bring new trends. This fall, make sure you’re rocking the latest style and beauty looks. Laura Sanchez, makeup artist and beauty vlogger, has teamed up with Colgate Optic White to make sure your smile is as high-impact as your look this fall.

Sanchez is sharing with Latin Times 6 beauty hacks that will help you throughout the season

  1. Apply foundation with a damp sponge or damp brush. This will prevent wasting product and will make blending easier. 
  2. While blue undertone lip shades will make your teeth appear whiter, my secret tip is to use Colgate Optic White High Impact White Toothpaste. This toothpaste delivers 4 shades visibly whiter teeth in 6 weeks and best of all, you can pair your bright, white smile with any lip shade! 
  3. To cover dark circles, use a peachy or pink-toned concealer. Using a lighter tone than your skin tone is only going to make your dark circles look grey. *please note this works better on darker skintones. 
  4. When it comes to eyeshadow, I say the bolder the better! Good thing that metallics are making a statement this fall! 
  5. Exfoliate your lips if they look dry. Just mix granulated sugar and honey to make a simple scrub! 
  6. Finish your makeup with a setting spray. This is not only going to help your look last longer, but will also get rid of the powdered texture on your skin.