There are hundreds of conspiracy theories that speculate what might have happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing above the Indian Ocean in 2014, with 239 passengers on board.

A new documentary released by Sky News Australia suggests that the MH370 was brought down by its own pilot in a "murder-suicide plot".

Two air crash investigators mentioned the suicide plot in the Sky News documentary "MH370: The Final Search" which was aired on Wednesday night.

The international passenger flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia on 8 March 2014 and was en-route to its planned destination, Beijing Capital International Airport in China.

The last communication between the crew and air traffic control (ATC) happened around 38 minutes after takeoff when the flight was over the South China Sea.

A while later, the aircraft disappeared from ATC radar screens, however, the military radar continued tracking it for another hour.

The loss of MH370 was no accident said John Cox, who is a top aviation safety investigator and retired pilot.

"I think the evidence is pretty overwhelming that the airplane could not have flown the route it did with all the respective turns without that being a commandeered maneuver," Cox added.

Aviation writer and former commercial pilot Mike Glynn said he believes the key to the doomed Boeing’s location lies within a 22-minute ‘holding pattern’ – detected through an invisible ‘WSPR trail’

"There’s no reason to do that," Glynn said of the flight’s circular path off the coast of Sumatra, according to

"My theory has always been that it was the captain who is responsible … probably as a political protest," Glynn said of senior Malaysia Airlines Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

According to Glynn’s theory, Shah was "upset" over the arrest of his distant relative, Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s Opposition leader at the time of the crash.

"He was active in the party … again no claim or responsibility in any of this … but that’s one lead," author and journalist Ean Higgins told the investigation.

Ibrahim was convicted of sodomy just one day prior to Boeing's disappearance.

"I think you’ve got to take into account … Anwar was locked up five hours before they left. If I had to speculate, I’d say there was a negotiation going on there."

"So that’s a possibility."

"Again, would it be enough for him to take such drastic action without saying he did it, that’s difficult to say."

But Malaysia Airlines Crisis Director Fuad Sharuji defends Glenn’s theory saying he does not believe the pilot would intentionally hijack and bring down a passenger plane.

"I don’t see him as a person who could do that," Mr Sharuji said.

"He has been flying as a Captain on a 777 since 1998 … so a very senior captain."

Danica Weeks, whose husband was on board the flight, questioned the 22-minute holding pattern.

"What were they doing in that 22 minutes …? Was there negotiations with the pilot?" she said.

"We should be told about it … we should know what happened for 22 minutes … Was there an on-board fight with the pilots and the passengers … was it another September 11 … but 22 minutes is a long time to be going around in circles."

"He [Captain Shah] must’ve been talking to someone … it’s just a complete cover up."

MH 370
MH370 'final' moments recreated. Free Press Journal.

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