Maluma 30 Birthday Party
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MIAMI - Maluma celebrated his 30th birthday in Medellín with a glamorous black-tie event, attended by celebrities, family, his team, and close friends. Reggaeton star J Balvin, Grupo Firme's leader Edwin Caz and Colombian traditional music singer Pipe Bueno were among the elegantly dressed guests.

With his pregnant girlfriend Susana Gómez by his side, Juan Luis Londoño Arias (Maluma's real name) hosted the party, which started on Saturday night and lasted until the early hours of January 28th, his actual birthday.

As shown in videos published on social media by Maluma himself and many of the guests, Colombia's 'Pretty Boy' changed outfits throughout the night. He also jumped on stage several times to participate with the famous groups in charge of the musical entertainment, and, overall, seemed to have a blast.

A sweet beginning of the celebration

The evening began with tenderness as Maluma shared videos of himself and Gómez preparing for the event. A heartwarming moment captured the artist kneeling to help Gómez with her sandals, tenderly promising to continue such acts of care even after the birth of their daughter, Paris, named after the city where she was conceived.

He also showed what seemed to be his favorite gift, a luxury gold watch. "I deserve it after so much work," he said before clasping it on his wrist.

Maluma and Gómez made a stunning entrance at the venue, each dressed impeccably for the occasion. Maluma sported cornrows and a sharp tuxedo, while his girlfriend glowed in a beautiful gold dress that elegantly highlighted her pregnancy.

The couple, who have known each other since they were teenagers, had been very discreet about their relationship until a few months ago, when Maluma announced during a concert that they were expecting.

The night began with a cocktail hour under the stars. Accompanied by the ambient music of a violin duo, it was the perfect background for dreamy performances by street artists. Then came a sumptuous sit-down dinner.

Maluma turns 30 with salsa and old school reggaeton

The entertainment highlight of the evening started with Grupo Niche, a legendary Colombian salsa orchestra. After dancing with Gómez and his mother, among others, Maluma took the stage himself to perform some of his favorite salsa songs, adding a personal touch to the vibrant celebration.


Los #30deDonJuan 🎂🎂🎂 @Maluma con el @Grupo Niche 🔥

♬ sonido original - Sondelasalsa

The iconic Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Alexis y Fido captivated the audience with their set during the party, playing hits like "Una en un millón" and "Rompe la cintura." Maluma, along with J.Balvin and others, sang along enthusiastically, like the true classic reggaeton fans they are.

Another highlight was Maluma, donning white pants and a vest, joining Alexis y Fido on stage to perform the "Imagínate remix," their song together.

Maluma also delighted his guests by singing his new song "Gafas Negras" with J Balvin, and "Cada Quien" with Eduin Caz, his hit with Grupo Firme.

Maluma's new era

Maluma, also known as Juancho and Don Juan, is celebrating a significant year as he turns 30. This milestone year is pivotal for both his career and personal life. In just a few weeks, he will embrace fatherhood.

Additionally, 2024 marks Maluma's first decade as an international artist, a journey that began with the hit "La Temperatura." On Friday, he unveiled "Gafas Negras," the latest single from his newest album, "Don Juan."

Maluma plans to attend the Premio Lo Nuestro in Miami as the most nominated artist on February 22. Then, he will take a hiatus following the birth of his child and has not disclosed any further details about his plans for the near future, but knowing him, he will use this time wisely to enjoy his blooming family and make new music. In the meantime, he is lucky to have famous friends who have his back.

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