Maluma will premiere new reality show online, but everyone is focused on his good-looking aunt! Instagram/@Maluma

Maluma is caught in the middle of a controversy thanks to new rumors regarding his relationship with one of his aunts. The Colombian singer and aunt Yudy Arias are making headlines for two reasons: One, because they are working on a new project together and two, because of the misleading photos they post together on social media.

Arias, who is a professional yoga instructor and has been featured many times on "Despierta America," is promoting a new reality show about Maluma on her YouTube platform Wazza TV. In the webisodes, fans will be able to see a more personal side of the urban star, including quality time with his loved ones. But first and foremost, the reality show will be based on the life of Yudy and her love for fashion, yoga and music. A trailer has been released earlier this month, but many people are still asking themselves what type of relationship the two have.

As seen on both of their Instagram accounts, the two spend a lot of time together and often times post promising photos and videos. "I love him with all my soul. We both love each other, that's why we take a lot of romantic photos," she told Suelta La Sopa, insisting that there's nothing but family affection between the two. In fact, Yudy's husband is Maluma's manager, which explains why they are always together. "We're working on a family reality show," she added. "It's between Maluma and I, how we live our life with our family, his concerts, my home, everything. It's going to be very cool."

Maluma, on the other hand, only has one thing to say about the controversial photos. "You wish your aunt was a 'mamacita,'" he expressed on social media tagging Suelta La Sopa and host Jorge Bernal.

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