A 52-year-old man was arrested by Stafford County deputies, who said that he fired his gun several times at a neighbor.

Police arrested Scott Jones after a brief interaction with his neighbor just before 9 am on Sunday, reported Fox News. Major Shawn Kimmitz said in a statement that the brief interaction had resulted in him shooting the unidentified neighbor "multiple times." The neighbor asked if Jones was "okay," said police. But then Jones fired a handgun at the neighbor, who then retreated into his home, and Jones followed inside.

Kimmitz said that "Jones followed into the victim’s home," and continued to fire "indiscriminately toward the victim." He shared that although there was significant damage to the house from the bullets, "the victim and his family were not injured."

NBC12 reported that the victim then shouted for Jones to get out. Police said that after shooting multiple times, Jones ran across the street and tried to enter another house. He started to ring the doorbell, knock and kick on the door, but the resident did not answer after seeing Jones with a weapon. The neighbor reinforced their door and called 911 for help. There is no known animosity between Jones and his neighbors, said deputies.

Cops said that when law enforcement reached the scene, they saw Jones sitting on the neighbor's porch with the gun. There was a short discussion after which Jones complied with the cops' request to drop his weapon, but then unexpectedly he rushed at the officers. They tased him and used a spray on him to take him into custody. Jones was checked for his injuries and cleared at the hospital, and was held without bond at Rappahannock Regional Jail.

According to the police statement, he was charged with using a firearm in the commission of a felony, malicious wounding and burglary while armed with a deadly weapon. His charges also include possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and shooting into an occupied dwelling. In the statement, police thanked those who called to report the incident and update Jones' location. Police also praised "these courageous deputies to rush to the scene and handle this violent, aggressive suspect."

This is a representational image. Skitterphoto/ Pixabay