The United States Marshals Services were able to arrest a felon who had been on the run since 2019. Edgar Zepeda was arrested in Ameca-Jalisco, Mexico on Tuesday, April 27. The Marshals office and their international partners’ coordinated efforts allowed them to find the man who had been charged with kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman in West Valley City, Utah. He awaits extradition to Utah.

On Sept. 17, 2016, the unnamed victim was walking down the street in West Valley alone when she was snatched. Two men got out of a vehicle and abducted her. The attackers covered her eyes and drove her to an abandoned building. She was forcefully taken into the building.

The victim was raped by the man who had driven the car. When she tried to fight back, the men threatened her with violence, KUTV reported.

After the incident, the woman reported it to the authorities. Agreeing to undergo tests, a nurse examined the victim using a rape kit. The rape kit allowed West Valley police to have the DNA of the rapist in their database.

For years, police were unable to find the man responsible for the kidnapping and rape. However, in 2018 after Zepeda was arrested for theft, the DNA collected from the rape kit matched his. The 27-year-old had already been handed a suspended sentence for theft and was on probation.

In October 2019 the 3rd District Court charged him with first-degree felonies of aggravated kidnapping and four counts of aggravated sexual assault. As Zepeda was out on probation, a no-bail arrest warrant was issued in his name. When police tried to arrest the man, they discovered that he was on the run.

KSL reported that the Marshals office and international partners had been working on the case together. In February of this year, the authorities got a tip on Zepeda’s whereabouts. Following the tip, the officials were able to track down the felon and apprehend him.

Authorities in Mexico handed Zepeda over to US authorities. He was flown to San Diego, California after his arrest. He awaits extradition to Utah. Once he arrives in Utah he will be tried for the charges against him.

Edgar Zepeda Man Arrested 5-Years After Rape And 2-Years After Going On The Run While On Probation Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office