A woman was gravely injured after a major brawl in a supermarket parking lot.

Police were alerted to a brawl at 4 am on Sunday at an Aldi car park off Garratt Way in Manchester, near Roots restaurant and bar. Officers discovered nearly 50 people.

The owner, who only went by the name Sid, said the venue was closed when the disturbance started, and he only found out about it after he had left and gone home.

When the police came, the group dispersed. But a woman in her 30s was severely hurt, according to Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

According to the restaurant owner, nothing happened at the restaurant and that everybody was gone.

He thought people came from another venue, and they thought they were open late.

Cops believed she was struck by an automobile, Manchester Evening News reports. Her wounds aren't thought to be life-threatening.

GMP said an investigation was underway on Sunday, but no arrests had been made.

"I got a call when I was at home. I spoke to someone who was there - most of our customers are regulars and he didn't know any of the faces," the restaurant owner said.

"I think they came to do a street party or something," the owner added.

The restaurant owner narrated that the incident started after a man asked for a phone number from somebody's girlfriend.

Sid stated that while he has not spoken to the police, he is willing to assist them with their investigation if necessary.

Residents could hear screams coming from the car lot.

One neighbor near the car park told Yahoo! News that loud noises awoke him as he tried to sleep.

He said: "I heard shouting and screaming. I just thought it was normal things but then the screaming didn’t stop. I saw a lot of people in the parking lot screaming at each other."

He claimed he heard a bang followed by a woman screaming.

Another resident said she heard yelling as well, but didn't believe it was uncommon because people routinely make noise in that area.

The Aldi store remained open to customers on Sunday. Still, the parking lot was cordoned off as crime scene detectives scoured the area.

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