An Australian man has won a massive $3.4-million lottery jackpot after reportedly he bet on numbers that appeared to him in a vivid dream years ago.

The lottery winner, whose identity has been withheld, reportedly strikingly remembers an auspicious dream from years ago where he was celebrating after winning the lottery. He has since bet on the numbers he saw in the vivid dream vigilantly, his efforts finally paying off after striking gold with his Set for Life tickets clinching the $3.4-million lottery jackpot with the numbers drawn on Sunday, Dec. 5, KLEW reported.

“Now, this is going to be hard to believe, but years ago, I dreamed the numbers I mark my tickets with, and I’ve been using them ever since," he related.

The winning numbers were 11, 1, 41, 43, 40, 44, and 42, while the supplementary numbers were 31 and 4.

Following his multimillion-dollar win, the new millionaire said that he now believes in premonitions. The winner added that the lottery win will be life-changing for him and his family.

“I still work and so does my wife, but now we’ll be able to cut back or even retire. It means we don’t have to work anymore if we don’t want to,” he said.

“We will help out our kids as well, and the rest we will use to really enjoy life. We won’t be worried about looking out for sales or deals. We’ll be able to do and buy exactly what we want when we want, which is just great,” he added.

The winner reportedly decided to take home the regular payout option, $14,352 a month after taxes for the next 20 years, instead of a lumpsum payment.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a Kalamazoo County woman who dreamt of winning $25,000 playing Michigan Lottery’s Cashword Multiplier instant game has won a $300,000 jackpot.

“Years ago, I had a dream that I won $25,000 playing Cashword,” the 46-year-old winner said. “I never, ever thought I would actually hit this big, but it’s a great feeling!"

The winner reportedly bought her ticket at the Citgo Gas Station, located at 5500 West D Avenue in Kalamazoo. She recently visited the lottery headquarters in Lansing to claim her prize, MLive reported.

When asked what she plans to do with the prize money, she said that she plans on buying a new house and investing the remaining amount.

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