A lottery winner has been left with lifelong physical and emotional scars following her former partner’s attack.

The 49-year-old Emma Brown had won a $7.2 million lottery in 2017. When she tried to break up with her partner of 12-years, 45-year-old Stephen Gibbs, he stabbed her multiple times and left her for dead. A court sentenced the attacker to an extended prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to the attempted murder charge against him.

Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court in Wales, United Kingdom heard how the relationship between the partners devolved since the woman won the national lottery. Gibbs reportedly had become controlling and even dictated how Brown used her winnings.

He was suspicious that his partner was having an affair with one of their tenants who Daily Mail identified as Scott McKenzie. McKenzie and Brown were school friends as well. The victim told the court that Gibbs had threatened to kill her if he caught her with the tenant.

On Jan. 30, when Brown returned to their home in Barry, South Wales she was confronted by her partner. Gibbs accused her of having gone to see McKenzie. When their argument got heated, Brown told her partner that she wanted to end their relationship.

Angered by the prospect of being dumped, Gibbs grabbed Brown by her neck and slammed her against a wall breaking her arm. He then went to the kitchen and got a knife. Initially, he threatened to harm himself before starting to stab Brown.

CCTV footage of the couple’s home showed Brown on the floor with Gibbs stabbing her in the face while on top of her. After stabbing his partner, the former construction worker fled from the scene in the victim’s vehicle.

Brown was saved by her neighbors who heard her groaning and asking for help. BBC reported that the stabbing had left the victim with limited eyesight. It has also limited the movement of her right arm. The victim told the court how the incident had affected her confidence and trust.

The court also noted that in 2005, Gibbs had stabbed his previous partner as well as her 11-year-old son. He had been convicted for the previous stabbing.

On the day of his trial, he submitted a guilty plea. He was sentenced to a 13-year prison term and has to serve a five-year extended licence after release.

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