The widow of 24-year-old Calogero Duenes shared her relief at the arrest of the man believed to be responsible for her husband’s death. Amber Uresti was at the Chuck E. Cheese in Humble, Texas to celebrate her daughter’s birthday when the senseless attack occurred.

Houston police arrested 27-year-old suspect Antoine Daniel Badon on Jan. 5 on an unrelated incident. He was later identified as Duenes’ shooter and charged with his murder.

The incident took place on Dec. 31, 2021, around 4:50 P.M. in the Chuck E. Cheese parking lot. Uresti had accompanied her daughters into the restaurant. Her husband had been unloading the child’s birthday cake from the car. While carrying the cake to the restaurant, Duenes was nearly hit by a black Ford vehicle.

Duenes reportedly got into an argument with the driver of the vehicle who opened fire on the father. Officers responding to an unrelated incident nearby heard the gunshot. However, before they reached the scene the driver had fled.

The victim of the attack succumbed to his wounds after being taken to a hospital.

Earlier this month Bandon was arrested for assaulting his mother. He also had a warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against him for a non-fatal shooting, NBC News reported. A gun found in the accused’s possession is believed to have been the murder weapon used to kill Duenes. The same gun was reportedly involved in non-fatal shooting on Jan. 2 at a convenience store.

On Monday, Jan. 24 Bandon was charged with murder along with assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a family household member. Authorities shared that the suspect detained at Harris County Jail matched the witness reports shared following Duenes’ shooting.

Speaking about her husband’s death, Uresti lamented “, My husband passed without me, without anybody to hold his hand, to comfort him. I want justice. I want justice for my children, for Calogero.” Earlier the mother of two had shared her astonishment at how heartless the shooter had been for attacking an unarmed man carrying a birthday cake.

Duenes has been fondly remembered as a doting father by Uresti’s sister.

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